Monday, 9 March 2015

Dog Training!

We've not done too much recently. Millie has been in a bit of a funny mood! We did do some hoop stacking yesterday which Millie did really well!

Tonight we went dog training. There were lots in the class, including 3 new dogs. To start with, we did heelwork in and out of the other dogs. We then had to take the dogs to greet each other for a short time and run back. Millie was very good with the other dogs. 
We did recalls in pairs, where Millie was also good. We had to do the stops, and Millie showed everyone how it was done! Finally we did the stays. Again, Millie was perfect! The new people thought we were a bit strange hiding behind the curtains - it was too cold to go outside! 
Some more people had watched Millie on Officially Amazing too and thought she was brilliant!

Also, we got our certificate for successfully completing the February Challenge!