Sunday, 4 January 2015

Two New Tricks!

Millie and I have done quite a bit of training today. 

She perfected one new trick, putting a toy on a chair about 2 metres away from me. 

She also started to learn another one. It was meant to be pulling alon a child's toy. Since we don't have one of them, I put an old lead around the wheels of the small skateboard that Joe uses. It took a couple of attempts to get her used to pulling something that dragged behind her. I made it a real game so she enjoyed doing it. Within a few more attempts, she had got the hang of it and was happily pulling it across the floor! 

We went outside and did some mountain boarding. Millie was very good. While we were out there, we also did some other tricks. Millie did a handstand up the wall, some spins and twists, and lots of jumping, which she loved!

She's such a clever girl and really enjoyed all her training and learning the new tricks!

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