Monday, 19 January 2015

A cold night dog training!

It's been freezing all day today. Millie would know because to her horror I made her wear her coat on our walks this morning and thin evening!

This evening we went dog training. There were only four of us in the class. We had to do a retreive to start with. Millie did this very well, though at one point she tried to stop and skidded along the floor, crashing straight into the cupboard! She didn't hurt herself and it didn't put her off! We then had to do it with a dumbbell. To start with Millie gave it nicely, though she was meant to hold it! She then refused to give it! A bit of persuasion with a treat worked well though! She had to go to her mark, which she did better backwards than forwards! We also did A-recalls and stays, both of which Millie did well! The rest of the dogs haven't passed their Gold award yet so their owners wanted to go out of site but decided it was too cold outside. I didn't bother with Millie because she's already passed the Gold and I know she can do it. To save them from going outside, they hid behind the curtain! The dogs all knew they were there!

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