Monday, 30 June 2014

Lots of Training!

Millie and I have done lots of training today! 

This morning, we went outside and ran through our latest Freestyle routine. Millie did it very well! We also did some other tricks and Millie learnt a new trick. I turn in a circle backwards on the spot and she walks around next to me backwards. It was a successful morning!

The 'big finish' of our freestyle routine. The photo was taken inside afterwards so neither of us are doing it quite so well

Not before a bit of hot cross bun with Joe

Or a lie down on her nanny's bed

We went dog training. Our normal trainer wasn't there so a lady from the competition class took our class. We had to do a little course where the dogs had to go over a jump, sit in a hoop and then heel in and out of some cones. Millie and Ruby did it the best and when we'd all had a go we had a little race to see who could do it the fastest. Millie won, doing it in 14 seconds!

We also had to sent the dogs to a marker, which was something new and Millie picked it up very quickly. 

After this we did a recall, which Millie did well. 

She has been a very good girl today, she's still not tired though!

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