Monday, 9 June 2014

5 Today!

Millie's 5th Birthday! She had a good day with lots of special treats!

First she had a play at the tennis field

When we got home I have her the card and present from me

She also got a bag of chews and a toy raccoon!

Millie had a party with Joe, which, despite not going as planned, Millie still enjoyed and got 4 rosettes! A bonus was all the sausages she also got!

(The raccoon is next to her in the photo below!)

Joe also did well and got 4 rosettes!

It was then time for some Birthday cake. I made it to look like an agility course!

Finally, we went dog training. Millie got lots of attention and used her Birthday as an excuse not to be on her best behaviour! She wasn't bad though! We took little fairy cakes there for all Millie's friends which they liked too!

She's now exhausted and probably wants everything to happen again tomorrow!

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