Saturday, 7 May 2016

National Pet Show!

Today Millie and I went to the National Pet Show for Superdogs Live! 

We got there early, to find out we needed a parking pass I hadn't been emailed! Fortunately the parking warden said it was OK so we got away with it!

Here is Millie outside the Excel when we got there. 

We had to walk along the river to get to the dog enterance - we were allowed straight in!

Inside we had a look around and waited in the green room. When it got to our turn to perform, we were the last to go in our catagory, Most Talented Dog. Millie have a wonderful performance! She was such a good girl! We got 27/30 - the highest score!

When we walked around the show afterwards, everyone recognised her and wanted to make a fuss of her!

To give Millie a little break, we went for a lovely walk along the river. It was a beautiful day!

We got back and Millie had a little rest before her performance in the finals!

In the finals, Millie was tired so her performance wasn't as good. However, we still got 9,8,10. 27/30 got us joint 1st place overall!!

Millie was such a star!! We also listened to the Supervets talk while we were there. We got a front row view because we were allowed in the area nobody else could go!

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