Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dog Training

We went dog training yesterday evening. There aren't many people in our class or the class before so the classes joined. 
We did recalls in pairs to start with. We were with a young Labrador from the class below. Millie was good though and came to me despite him running next to her! 
Then we did the exercise where we through treats and the dogs have to run through the handlers legs. Millie did a faultless demonstration of the exercise!
Then we did a bit of agility. Over a jump and through the tunnel. Again, Millie was the one to demonstrate it. She was so keen and so good and fast! On the way back, she jumped as soon as she came out the tunnel. She made a massive leap, got over the jump and then skidded along the floor! Another person with a young Lab in the class below said "oh great, I've got to follow that!" 
We then did sit and down stays, which Millie was very good at! 
She still wasn't tired when we got home though!

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