Saturday, 26 September 2015

Talent Show Winner!!!

Today we went to Suffolk for the finals of the talent show! This is the one where we won the heat last month. 

We had a practise this morning, Millie was very good. After a nice walk, she had a rest and was ready to perform tonight. 

She was fantastic! I will upload a video soon. Everyone really liked her and she got lots of applause! All the contestants were called on the stage at the end and we got a medal an certificate!

We then had a wait for the results. The judges were all singing/acting people so I want expecting anything. 2nd place was announced and it wasn't us so I thought that was it. Then people started shouting that they wanted the dog to win! Then it was announced, we came 1st!!

We went on the stage to collect a trophy and a £150 cheque!

Millie's so clever, she beat all those other people and won some lovely prizes! Good girl!