Saturday, 1 August 2015

Millie's Summer Holiday!

Sorry we have been absent lately, we've been to Suffolk!

Millie had a lovely time!

On Sunday, we went to Suffolk Dog Day. It was very wet but Millie did a super round in the have a go agility and we also did rally obedience for the first time, where we got a rosette for taking part!

We've been to the beach every day and been on lots of nice walks.

There was an incident one night where I was looking for my toothbrush. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Millie had gone to bed. I thought I'd lost the plot - who loses a toothbrush?! A dog barked outside and Millie looked up and shuffled around a bit. She'd been lying on the toothbrush the whole time! 

We also entered a talent show and came 1st, winning a holiday back there in September and the chance to compete in the finals!!

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  1. We're glad you had a nice time! And successes, too!