Monday, 8 June 2015

Back Eight!!

Although everyone keeps thinking I'm saying "back ache"! 
Today I finally got Millie to do a backwards figure of eight around my legs!! I thought she'd never get it but today she cracked it!

We went to the tennis field at lunchtime and she had a nice run around. 

It's Millie's birthday tomorrow so when we came back I made her a cake! Of course, Millie helped, and was especially good at licking the bowl!

We also went dog training this evening. We went to the field and Millie was really good. She did all the harder things, stopping, out of sight stays brilliantly but when it came to the heelwork she forgot how to walk! The smells were far to interesting! She quickly recovered hersel and was good the rest of the time!

I think she's using the excuse that she can retire but she's too young for that yet! Though she certainly looks relaxed!

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